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Networking - Simple Home Networking

Setting up a network connection at home is easy.

First, you'll need a DSL or cable modem to connect to your Internet Service Provider. A DSL or cable modem essentially translates signals on your phone or cable lines to and from a networking format that computers understand, called Ethernet.

Second, you'll want a router that helps separate and protect your computers from the Internet. Many routers include a built-in switch that directs traffic between multiple computers in your home. When you run into a situation where you need more ethernet ports than you currently have, add a switch.

Now it's time to connect your computer to your network.

You can use an ethernet cable, built-in wireless or a USB adapter to network your computer. Laptops can also accomodate special PC Cards that contain wireless adapters.

That's it! Now you know the parts of a simple home network!

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