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RSS - Feeds Explained

Chances are, you have several web sites you enjoy visiting on a regular basis. You visit one spot to read the news, another spot to check the weather and yet another page to check out the latest sports scores. Did you know you can automatically collect that information and display it in one spot?

"RSS", sometimes called "Really Simple Syndication", essentially gives you a way to freely subscribe to a variety of different types of content on the internet. Here's how it works:

The first step to use RSS is to set up a feed reader. A reader basically goes out to the internet, grabs the latest content from various sites, collects it and displays it for you. This content could be anything from a list of the latest wines at a particular store to sports scores, weather or helpful gardening hints. The amount of free RSS content available is staggering.

How do you choose the content you'd like to receive? You subscribe to various types of RSS feeds on the internet. Sometimes you'll see a "RSS" button on a web site but you can also add RSS feeds automatically. Once you're subscribed to a certain content source your reader automatically checks for the latest information on a regular basis.

Pretty cool, right? At this point you have a single place where you can read information on a variety of different types of topics. In fact, you can even add RSS feeds to your home page, such as Yahoo or iGoogle. By subscribing to a feed you are pulling that content from the provider rather than having a provider potentially bombard you with emails. Tired of a particular feed? Just unsubscribe.

Finally, I'm sure you'll be excited to hear that Wydea has an RSS feed so you can stay up to date with the latest topics. You can add Wydea to your Google or Yahoo home page by clicking the subscribe link on this page.

Happy Feeding!

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